Repairs and Reconditioning

Saee specializes in the following preventive and repair maintenance activities

1. Coil Replacement works

2. OLTC Repair/Replacement works

3. Onsite Repair of Transformer

4. Dryout of Transformers

5. Overhauling of Transformers

6. Degassing and Dehydration of Transformers

7. Regasketting and leakage repair

8. Facilitating Internal Inspections.

Saee has carried out onsite repair/reconditioning of transformers for various utilities like PGCIL, Delhi Transco, AP Transco and BBMB, Transformers upto capacity of 315 MVA have been repaired/reconditioned onsite, the same have been charged and are running successfully.

Saee has the skilled manpower and proper equipment to undertake repairs on transformers and put them back in service with the least amount of downtime.


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