Oil Degassing and Dehydrations

Oil Degassing and Dehydrations

Biggest fleet of transformer oil degassers(Filters).

Alvin Marcus founder of Marcus Transformer were making lighting and distribution transformers that significantly reduced power consumption for commercial and industrial users long before the term "energy efficient" came into play.

Ever since they open there doors for business a half a century ago, they have been a leader in innovative transformer design. among these accomplishment, new insulating materials to increase transformer life, unique magnetic cores to reduce sound levels, 30 percent annual energy savings compared to other competitive makes.

As a family-owned company they are proud of the reputation they have earned for making
quality-build transformers that deliver exceptional performance and savings. They take great
pride in believe they are big enough to take care of all your transformer requirements, but small enough in treating there customers with great respect and attention they warrant.

The Advantage of Marcus Watt+Plus Technology means excellent performance, maximum efficiency and lowest losses, under all conditions, with all types of load.

The use of the T-T connection for their three phase distribution transformers to derive the
inherent benefits of single phase construction: high short-circuit strength, rugged physical
integrity and superior reliability.  These characteristics are normally available only on pole-mounted utility-grade, oil-fill transformers where every watt lost and every hour of downtime is critical.

Through the use of 100% copper windings, liberal designs and wound cores, all Marcus general purpose transformers have efficiencies above the minimal of CSA 802.200 standard. Low magnetizing currents averaging 1% of rated amperage mean that more power is available to handle useful customer load. Because of there efficient design, there transformers comply with the CSA-802-94 standard for maximum losses.

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