Installation of Transformers

Installation of Transformers

No.1 in Transformer Installations in India.

A perfect installation requires the right equipment along with skilled manpower , Saee boasts of the best equipment in the market along with skilled manpower who have experience of erecting over 150 transformers of EHV class. Saee is continuosly adding equipment and updating the skills of its manpower to undertake erection of UHV (765kv) class of transformers.

Saee has high capacity dry air generators, filter machines, separate evacuation systems, dew point meters, test equipments to carry out a perfect installation. Saee has added 60cfm dry air generators and 60KL oil storage tanks to reduce the installation time for transformers and reactors, the high capacity oil processing and storage tanks facilitate processing the entire quantity of transformer oil inside a transformer/reactor in a single step thereby reducing the total installation time by over 40%.

All the equipment used by saee are regularly calibrated at standard test labs ensuring safety. All site engineers go through OSHAS safety course thereby ensuring all safety standards are followed. Each employee is provided with his own personal protection equipment (PPE) and he is provided basic training to carry out his job with safety.

Saee is continuosly updating its equipment , processes and training its manpower so as to do high quality installations at the quickest possible time. Indian power sector is going through unprecedented growth , there is going to be a significant increase in the number of transformers to be installed, installation service providers have to add capacity and reduce the installation cycle time in order to cope up with additional work load.

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